Katzer Families

Grumberg (Podlesi)
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Katzers in Grumberg (Podlesi)
Bernd Schroller sent us the following report:

During my father's childhood/youth (i.e. fom 1930-1940) there were 3 Katzer families in Grumberg:

1. Katzer - the baker
In this family there were 2 sons, Alois und Josef.
Johann Katzer has added the following information : "There were: Josef (Peppi), Alois, Karl, Edmund and my father Johann, who wa working as a tailor in Nikles (Raschkov) at the time of my birth in 1934." (see visitors' book 2009)

Margit Boscher (nee Katzer) sent us more information Informationen on the Katzer bakery. Look here!

2. Katzer - the milkman
Gustav Katzer had a very small farm (1 horse, some land). By trade he was responsible for the milk supply in Grumberg. He had one son, Joseph, aka "Peppi". After the resettlement he lived in Bad Sooden-Allendorf where he was employed as a salesman. He was born in about 1920 and probably died in 1975 in Bad Sooden-Allendorf. He married Anni Katzer who still lives in Bad Sooden-Allendorf. They had no children. "Peppi" Katzer was a good friend of may father. My father told me a lot about him, that is why I am quite familiar with the name Katzer.

3. Katzer - the miller
Eduard Katzer's family ran a little water-mill in Grumberg. He had two children: Franz and Hedwig, the latter probably died around 1920.

Moreover the magazine "Sudentendeutsche Familienforschung" provides the following details in its chapter "Verzeichnis der im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert in Grumberg (Mähren) ansässig gewesenen Familien", 5. Jahrgang 1932-33, author: Franz J. Langer, Klein-Mohrau and Prag:
"From the five land registers in the Grumberg archives it is not always obvious where the individual settlers came from. Whenever their places of origin were mentioned, they were mainly buyers who came from the surrounding villages. The overpopulation in those communities was warmly welcomed by that new settlement (i.e. Grumberg). However we must not forget that a number of non-local settlers moved in, the origin of whom I was unable to find. It is very likely that they were manual workers, who at first lived in a rented flat and later acquired some property, so that they were already regarded as "locals" at that time.

The following Katzers were listed:

Katzer, Adam, 29.03.1671 buyer, 14.10.1677 neighbour, 17.8.1683 guarantor
Katzer, Georg, 30.10.1685 buyer, 20.3.1687 neighbour, (buyer from his father-in-law Christoph Brantz), 1.6.1694 guarantor, from 1695 recipient of money
Katzer, Friedrich, 17.12.1680 buyer, 21.2.1685 neighbour, 14.2.1723 his widow as a guarantor
Katzer Mathes, 7.4.1684 buyer, 17.11.1684 neighbour, 21.8.1687 neighbour, 3.10.1700 neighbour
Katzer, Tobias died on 8.6.1780; seller or guarantor

(Translated by Bernhard Katzer; original text see German version)