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Hannsdorf (Hanusovice)
[Valentin Katzer of Hannsdorf]

A town of 3,514 inhabitants in the Okres Šumperk in the Czech Republic. District of . Mährisch Schönberg.
Hannsdorf was first mentioned on May, 1325, when knight Hanss von Wustehube bought the place and several neighbouring villages from the monastery 'Steinernes Kloster' in Goldeck. Hannsdorf has got a train station on the Olmütz - Ziegenhals line.

The market towns is situated at the confluence of the small streams Graupa, Mittelbordbach and March and was founded by a certain John (Joannis villa) .It was a parish as early as 1350. From 1570 to 1624 Lutherans were the majority there. In the 2nd half of the 19th century the place became a market town.
The church of St. Nikolaus was originally a building of the renaissance (1656) and received a baroque wing in 1738. The wings of the altar were made by A. Handke. In addition to that it contains a Madonna on a globe (1700) and a baptismal font of the rococo era (1760).

Hannsdorf was a summer holiday resort, had a malthouse and a large distillery. Another income came from the production of fruit juices.

Before the expuilsion in 1945/46 Hannsdorf was mainlöy populated by Germans. The place is seat of the famous brewery "Brauerei Holba". In 1975 Hanušovice received its town charter.

Surroundings: Spieglitzer Schneeberg, Hiking destinations in the mountain range of Altvatergebirge, the community of Halbseit with its famous flax sipnning mill.

The parish register is available at the state archives of Troppau = Státní oblastní archiv v Opave, Snemovní 1, 746 22 Opava.

Hannsdorf Cemetery (2012):

Hannsdorf Cemetery

Hannsdorf Cemetery

We thank Rudolf Lack, Munich, for his permission to publish these pictures