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Mährisch Rothwasser - Bez.Hohenstadt (Cervena Voda)
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Train station of the Schildberg-Grulich route. Das long village was founded in the 14th century. The mainly agricultural village developed a significant linen and cotton production in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the early 20th century people worked in mechanical cotton weaving mills. In 1846 Mährisch Rothwasser was granted the right to hold markets. Mährisch Rothwasser, which was part of the Hohenstadt district from 1938 to1945, was added to the Adlerkosteletz district in 1960.

The Church of Matthäus Apostel was there long before 1574. During the time of the reformation it became Lutheran until 1624. Until 1640 the parish of Schildberg was in charge. In 1670 Mährisch Rothwasser got a new parish of its own. In 1686 a new church was built, with an altarpiece of the moravian painter Handke.

Economy: cotton weaving, twine production, brush wood production. tourism.

Distinguished citizen: Karl Adolf Mayer (1889-1957), grammar school teacher, narrator, lyric. winner of the the Rosegger Prize. Freeman of Graz.