Katzer Families

Grumberg (Podlesi)  
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Katzers in Grumberg: Baker's shop of the Katzer family in Grumberg
(We thank Margit Boscher, nee Katzer, for the information)

The following children are descendants of the Katzer bakery:

from left to right: Johann, Karl, Anna Berta, Alois, Aloisia (on top), Leopoldine (in front), Josef, Hermine, Edmund and mother Aloisia.

Aloisia Marie Katzer, born 02.07.1899, died 01.05.1958
Josef Katzer (1), born 22.09.1900 in Grumberg 37, died
Alois Katzer, born 03.12.1901 died 02.08.1988
Karl Katzer, birthday is unfortunately unknown. He died in an accident at an early age.
Edmund Katzer, born 01.03.1905, died 06.08.1951
Johann Katzer, born 17.07.1907, died
Anna Berta Katzer, born 08.10.1909, died
Hermine Katzer, born 05.05.1911, died
Leopoldine Katzer, born 10.09.1912, died


Alois Katzer (2), baker, born 02.01.1876 in Grumberg, son of Josef Katzer and Anna Winter, died 09.01.1954
Aloisia (3) nee Faulhammer, born 25.11.1875 in Grumberg, daughter of Ignaz Faulhammer and Aloisia Faulhammer nee Wagner (Josef), died 25.08.1950

parents of Alois Katzer (2):
Josef Katzer (4), locksmith, born 11.02.1843 in Grumberg 11, son of Franz Katzer and Antonia nee Langer
Anna (5) nee Winter, born 30.12.1851 in Grumberg 96, daughter of Johann Winter and Anna, nee Riediger

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