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Hannsdorf (Hanusovice)
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Valentin Katzer of Hannsdorf

The photo shows the grave of Valentin Katzer, born on February 13 ,1829, died on August 15, 1906 and buried on August  18,1906, the day of his ordnation, on the Hannsdorf cemetery.   He was the first Roman-Catholic priest in the parish of Hannsdorf. It is the wish of the present priest of Hansdorf, Ignác Lakomy, to receive his final resting place next to Valentin Katzer's grave.

(From "Schönberger Heimatbote". Submitted by Karl Heinz Langer)

Nicole Hofmann sent us the following pictures taken in 2017. They prove that priest Ignác Lakomy was buried in Valentin Katzer's grave as he had wished. Thank you very much for the contribution!

Grab Valentin Katzer im Jahre 2017

Gra´b Valentin Katzer im Jahre 2017

Inschrift Pfarrer Ignác Lakomy