Katzer Families

The roots of the Katzers

General map of native places of the Katzer families:
Katzer Karte

From the many contacts we have had with Katzer families so far, we would suggest that the origin of the Katzers is somewhere in Bohemia or Moravia. There was a concentration of Katzer families in a place called Grulich (now "Kraliky" - the photo above shows the old station there) and its neighboring villages such as Nieder-Mittel- und Oberlipka, Erlitz (Orlice), Mährisch Rothwasser (Cervena Voda) and Wichstadtl (Mladkov)

Richard Neugebauer, who is involved in a broad study of the German settlers in the "Adlergebirge", has informed us, that the "History of the Grulich area" (published in Czech language) mentions Katzer families in the area as early as 1654.

Frantisek Katzer, who still lives in Horni Orlice, has informed us that there were 7 families by the name Katzer in his home village. Only two of them were related though. In the three Lipkas there lived as many as 21 families by the name of Katzer!. The name is said to have been known there since 1560 AD.

Bernd Schroller gave us a report about the Katzers in Grumberg.

Our own ancestors lived some 60 km further north in Grafenort (Gorzanow), district of Habelschwerdt (Bystrzyca Klodzka) in the county of Glatz (Klodzko) and in Braunau (Bohemia).

Grulich Station (ca. 1900 AD):
Grulich Station