Katzer Families

Mittel-Lipka   [Niederlipka]

We thank Anneliese Dirnhofer, Müllheim/Baden, who contributed the information and photos on this page!

"Our grandfather Ferdinand Katzer  published a postcard of the church, school and the inn he owned. All we know of him is that he was born in Herrnsdorf in 1884 and had an elder brother, who had inherited their parents' farm. Our grandfather had learnt the carpenter's trade and attended a technical college in Vienna. After his marriage with Maria Rotter he bought the country inn in Mittel-Lipka.  After a few years they rented that flourishing estate out for health reasons (grandma wouldn't stand the smoke). The family bought another, larger farm in Mittel-Lipka then, where a lot flax wa cultivated until 1945 in addition to the usual farming. "

Ferdinand Katzer's country inn, the local church and school.

Consecration of the bells in Mittel-Lipka on June 29, 1924

"On a trip to the Czech Republic in 1999 we found that Mittel-Lipka has almost disappeared. Only the church and graveyard are still there. There is also a war memorial of World War I at the foot of the church hill that lists the names of many Katzers. (The inscription urgently needs painting over with a gold paint) In Hermsdorf only a few houses are left together with the church. The graveyard has been eliminated, i.e. retaken by nature."

The church in Mittel-Lipka, 1999

The war memorial in Mittel-Lipka, 1999