Katzer Families

Portrait: Nikola(u)s Katzer
Court astronomer of Henry VIII. Did he inspire the painter Hans Holbein?

Nicolas Katzer
Oil painting by Hans Holbein d.J. 1528 (Paris, Louvre)

A report says that the painting "Die Gesandten" (i.e. "the ambassadors") by the German painter Hans Holbein Jr (1497-1543), which was painted in London, contains a number of details that have been mysteries to art historians for four centuries. John North is convinced that he has solved those mysteries now.  The key can be found in astronomy. The painting shows two ambassadors, whose travel clock is set to four o'clock in the afternoon on the 5th of April 1533.  At that time the sun stood over London at an angle of 27 degrees. According to John North the figure 27 can be found all over the painting and the angle of 27 degrees seems to be the crucial point in solving the mysteries of the painting. Hans Holbein had made friends with  Nicolas Katzer, the court astronomer of Henry VIII.  He may have supplied the decisive inspirations for that painting. Holbein even placed Katzer's instruments - apparently  at random -  between the two ambassadors in the painting. 

Nicolas Katzer is the oldest certified person by the name of Katzer we know.  It is, however, absolutely uncertain whether there is any relationship to other Katzer lines. But we will, of course, keep searching for more details.