Katzer Families

Portrait: Hugo Katzer
* November 10, 1902     + April 1940 (the day of death is unknown)

Hugo Katzer- son of Bogumil (Gottfried) Katzer and Florentyna Hanzelka was born on 10 November 1902 in Muszyna (Moschendorf) but he spent his youth in Krakow. In 1920 - just before the last exam at secondary school he went to the Polish army to fight against the Red Army.

Then after a few months (after the war had been won) he managed to pass the last exam. He started studies in Krakow at Jagielonski University - agricultural department. He graduated from Jagiellonski University on 17 January 1927 and became an agricultural engineer. He started his first work in Wrzesnia (Wreschen ?) near Poznan (Posen) at secondary agricultural school ("milk school") in 1929.

He got married and had two sons - Artur (1934) and Andrzej (1939). In 1938 he became headmaster of that school. In 1939 he was sent to the eastern parts of Poland as an officer of the Polish army. During the war he become a Russian POW and was killed by NKWD (Russian comunist political police).as other 25,000 Polish officers in Katyn in 1940.