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Portrait: Archbishop Frederik Xavier Katzer
* 7. February, 1844 in Ebensee, Austria + 20. June, 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Archbishop Frederik Katzer was one of two children of poor parents. Ron Katzer whose great-grandmother, Eva Katzer, was Archbishop Katzer's only sister, has the following details:

"His father's name was Charles. His mother's name was Barbara. I also know her maiden name - nee Reinhardtsgruber, native of Moravia. In the late 1800's, Archbishop Katzer took my grandfather before he was married to Rome. At that time, my grandfather met the pope. He had a very special gold ring with him that the pope blessed for him. When I was little, I remember my grandfather always wearing that ring. When my grandfather died July 19, 1968, I inherited this ring.
Archbishop Katzer is buried in a cemetary that is called the Chapel in the Woods located right by lake Michigan at a place called St. Francis Seminary. The current Archbishop in Milwaukee, Rembert G. Weakland, had taken a pilgrimage with local Milwaukee citizens to Ebensee, Austria, birthplace of Archbishop Katzer."

It was not easy for Frederik Katzer to become archbishop in Milwaukee. The "Catholic Herald" of the archdiocese Milwaukee has some interesting additional information:
"To fully understand the history of Milwaukee archdiocese, one must know that German speaking immigrants felt a strong need for Germans speaking priests (and bishops) to minister to them.The Irish English speaking bishops wanted an Irisman to succeed Heiss (i.e. his predecessor). The German speaking wanted a German... But the Vatican chose Katzer.

 Highlights of the episcopal career of this sincere and austere man show him to have always been a fighter and probably the most political of our bishops...

Archbishop Frederik Xavier Katzer allowed the Salvatorian Sisters to settle in the USA.

Memorial plaque


Document of the death of the mother of Frederik Xavier Katzer

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