Katzer Families

Portrait: Maximilian Katzer
* 29.3.1883 in Jauernig (Krs.Glatz)   + 27.5.1954 in Hohenlimburg

After he had passed his examination as a teacher in 1903, Maximilian Katzer worked as a teacher in Berlin until 1942. He published two pedagogical books: "Vom Eindruck zum Ausdruck" (published in 1945 by Georg Westermann Verlag) and "Das Lehrgespräch in der Volksschule" (published in 1951 by Pädagogischer Verlag Schwann).In 1927 he was appointed headmaster of the school. In 1944 his home in Berlin was destroyed by an air-bomb. So he had returned to Grafenort in Silesia, where he stayed until the end of the war. As a refugee he had to move to West Germany where he found a new home in Hohenlimburg. Maximilian Katzer had 13 brothers and sisters. We thank Joachim Katzer, the son of one of the brothers of Maximilian Katzer, for extensive information about them. Maximilian Katzer himself had 8 children, one of whom (Gerhard Katzer) was the father of the author of this page.

Goldhochzeit von Karl und Maria Katzer
Golden Wedding Anniversary of Karl and Maria Katzer