Katzer Families

Portrait: Marie Katzer

We thank Winfried Gläßner aus Lübeck for the photos and the story.

Marie Katzer

Marie Katzer was born in Mährisch Rothwasser on November 23,1894. Her parents, Adolf Katzer (* 23.06.1859, Mährisch Karlsdorf) and Anne Schwarzer (*25.09.1867, Mährisch Rothwasser) got married on September 12, 1892.

Rudolf Gläßner


On August 14, 1920 Marie Katzer married the teacher Rudolf Gläßner (*19.04.1886, Mährisch Rothwasser), son of Johannes Gläßner and Auguste Puschmann

In 1921 his son Rudolf Adolf Gläßner was born and a few years later his sister Gerda came into the world. Both children were raised in Mährisch Rothwasser.The family loved making music.


Rudolf jr. und Gerda


Marie spent a lot of time with her two children Rudolf und Gerda. Marie mit Kindern

Until the end of World War II the family lived in their house in Mährisch Rothwasser. Haus der Familie

While their son Rudolf Adolf was doing his military service in the German army, the entire family was expropriated and expelled at the end of the war. The family migrated to the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. Schleswig Holstein.
Marie and her husband Rudolf spent the rest of their lives in Lübeck and died there in the 1960s.

Their daughter Gerda worked in Lübeck as a teacher. She died there childless.

Their son Rudolf Adolf was based in Schleswig-Holstein, Nordfriesland, until the end of the war. There he met his future wife Inge Andrea. They had a son and a daughter and spent the rest of their lives in Lübeck. Their daughter has already died childless.

Marie Katzer's grandson, great-grandchildren and great-great-granddaughter still live in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.