Katzer Families

Portrait: Franz Katzer
* 26. März 1858 in Ludwigsdorf   +ca. 1941

Franz Katzer, a brother of Karl Katzer, our great grandfather was a member of a family of dyers in Ludwigsdorf. He had absorbed the dyeworks from his father Franz Xaver Carl Katzer. Ruth Freitag, great granddaughter of Franz Katzer, described how it happened:

" In 1847 Franz Xaver Carl Katzer came to settle in Glatz county (in order to avoid conscription). He carried a large amount of cloth with him, which he had got from his father Franz Katzer.The latter was a cloth manufacturer in Braunau. The revenue enabled him to buy a forge and some land. The forge was sold again and the money invested in the dyeworks."

We thank Ruth Freitag for the pictures