Katzer Families

Portrait: Marie Bertha Falge, geb. Katzer
* November 24, 1909       + ??

Family photo :
Ernst Katzer and Anna Katzer (née Wenzel) with their children Emma, Anna, Rosa, Ernst and Marie (listed by age).

Familie Ernst und Anna katzer

We thank Annika Maureen, the great-great granddaughter of Ernst Katzer, for the photo.

Annika Maureen has the following memories of her great-grandmother Marie (the girl in the white dress):

I still remember both of my great-grandparents Hermann Falge and Marie Falge, née Katzer. My great-grandmother Marie was the relative I loved most. She was simply unparalleled!

I loved being with her when I was a child, she used to read to me, sing with me and play with me and often told stories of ancient days... of her family, of war and expulsion, the time when she had to abscond from home with her two children, her husband being at war (in Norway). She had had no idea where the journey would eventually end... She was only allowed to carry one suitcase with a few souvenirs...the silverware was buried in the garden, ... and then they had to face an uncertain future in a livestock waggon.

I always considered those tales highly interesting, because as a child (and in parts even today) I couldn't really believe that such things had really happened and nobody had resisted..."